Rit DESIGNERS is a team of dedicated professionals engaged in consultancy services in the field of Architectural, Civil, Project Management and Interior Designing, with a wealth of project and development experience covering residential, commercial and industrial projects. What sets us apart is that we believe in optimizing limited resources to design buildings and interiors that are functional. We recognise the value of information technology by amalgamating the latest digital technologies available with other relevant software and hardware tools in order to meet the challenges and demands of the construction industry in the current environment.

At the helm of our organisation, there are highly qualified Designers and Project Managers possessing vast and vivid experience in the field of consultancy. The organisation is backed up by Architects, Engineers, Draftsmen, along with a dedicated supporting staff having qualifications in various fields.

SHINOOP .O (D. Arch)

With over 6 years experience in designing and consultancy in Architecture, Interior and Civil Work, Shinoop embarked on his career by working with renowned architects such as sk architects and mkumar architects. Throughout his career has been involved in the preliminary design for various projects both commercial and residential and even worked as an designer with Consultants before establishing.


Throughout his 5 year career as an Interior Architect in KERALA and a consultant in Architectural and Civil Work, Shirin Raj has been involved in the Architectural design of various residential, commercial and industrial buildings. He has also had the opportunity of working with leading Architectural firm sk architects,kannur.


An Designer with over 4 years of experience. He has also having worked on various commercial and residential projects in kerala. As a Design manger at Rit DESIGNERS, his expertise lies in creating outstanding architectural designs.


SANDHYA. T (B-Tech, Civil Engineering)

VYSHAK. C. M (Site Engineer)

SAJNA. K (Draught Man)

ANUSREE (Draught Man)

SHILPA (Business Develop Management)

RIJU (Computer Management)

PRAKASHAN (Charted Account)

SHYJA. C (Assistant Charted Account)


At Rit DESIGNERS we offer our clients a range of services across a variety of domains


+ Preparing overall plot plans and drawings for    statutory approvals.

+ Providing detailed plans, sections and elevations of various buildings.

+ Seeing to the details of doors, windows, shutters and the like.

+ Handling finishing schedules and details.


+ Preparing overall layout, elevations and perspective drawings.

+ Providing detailed drawings to the contractors of various facilities like Civil, Carpentry, False/Suspended Ceiling, Electrical, Plumbing, Air-Conditioning, and Acoustics and so on.

+ Carrying out periodic site to ensure quality and progress of the work.

+ Lending our expertise in the analysis of non-tendered items of work and in matters of cost controlling, forecasting cash flow, preparing weekly cost control statements and checking and certifying the contractors' bills.


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